FNU Hosts the Inaugural Meeting of Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality and the 2022 Fujian Carbon Emission Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum


On June 18, guided by Fujian Association For Science and Technology, and Fujian Provincial Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, hosted by FNU and the Organizing Committee of China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair (abbreviated as CSTPF), and organized by Academy of Carbon Neutrality of FNU, Fujian June 18th Industrial Development Co., Ltd., and the Innovation Research Center of Carbon Neutrality of Xiamen University, the inaugural meeting of Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality and the 2022 Fujian Carbon Emission Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum was held at the Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center. Yan Keshi, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial People's Congress and Chairman of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Jingming, Member of The Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada and professor of FNU, Zhang Fushou, Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Huang Shu, Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Xu Wei, Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Shi Bin, Vice Chairman of Fujian Association for Science and Technology, Lin Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Coalfield Geology, Wu Long, Vice President of Sanming University, Pan Yuteng, Secretary of FNU Party Committee and Wang Changping, President of FNU, as well as heads of the relevant functional departments of Fujian Province, such as the Department of Education, Department of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Civil Affairs, and the Tendering Group, representatives of other associations, some member representatives of Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality, representatives of entrepreneurs in the carbon neutrality industry and the news media attended the live event. Jiao Nianzhi, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and professor of Xiamen University, attended the meeting online. The opening ceremony was chaired by Chen Qinghua, Vice President of FNU.

At the meeting, Wang Changping read out the approval document of Fujian Association for Science and Technology on agreeing to establish Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality, and Qin Wei, chairman of Fujian Research Academy of Associations, read out a congratulatory letter on behalf of other associations.

Yan Keshi said in his speech that Fujian has always kept in mind the ardent wishes of General Secretary Xi Jinping and given full play to its unique advantages as an important breeding ground and practice ground of Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization, incorporating carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality into the overall layout of economic and social development and ecological province construction, and making every effort to promote the green and low-carbon development of Fujian. He hoped that the relevant functional departments will strengthen their support and guidance for Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality and promote the high-quality development of the Association, that the member organizations of the Association will do forward-looking, strategic and reserve research thoroughly and make the Association an academic, talent and think tank place for the implementation of the double carbon strategy, and that FNU will take the establishments of College of Carbon Neutrality Future Technology and College of Carbon Neutrality Modern Industry as an opportunity to aim at the frontiers of double carbon science and technology, build optimal research teams, and show its responsibilities and play its role in actively integrating into and actively serving the overall situation of double carbon in our province.

Shi Bin said in his speech that the establishment of Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality is an important attempt to promote the cross-disciplinary courses to achieve integration in the frontier of industry and the urgent innovation fields of enterprises, which is of great significance in bringing the ecological advantages of Fujian Province into play, gathering the wisdom of experts, effectively promoting the integration of industry, universities, research and application, and helping Fujian take the lead in achieving the double carbon goals, and play its leading and exemplary roles. He hoped that the Association will bring together its strengths, give full play to the advantages of interdisciplinary research, create an interdisciplinary and comprehensive science and technology innovation platform, and build the Association into a leading and innovative one and a place of talents in the field of carbon sink.

Pan Yuteng said in his speech that, as the legal representative unit of the Association and the unit to which its secretariat is affiliated, FNU will build on the functional positioning of insisting on professionalism, highlighting academic nature, and enhancing service, focus on the national plan of achieving carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality goals, integrate advantageous resources, gather all parties, and strive to make the Association a think tank for strategic planning, and government decision-making, and a propeller for technological research in Fujian Province. At the same time, FNU will give full play to its comprehensive advantages, set up College of Carbon Neutrality Future Technology and College of Carbon Neutrality Modern Industry, accelerate the construction of cross-disciplinary and industry-education integration development mechanism, promote the organic connections between education chain, talent chain, industry chain and innovation chain, and contribute wisdom and strength for Fujian province first achieving carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality goals with high-level talent training, high-level scientific research and efficient collaborative innovation.

At the scene of the event, a ceremony was held to donate the carbon emission index of the 20th CSTPF. Chunlun Group, the representative of green manufacturing in our province, adopted the method of green tea garden to offset the carbon emissions generated during this session of CSTPF, helping this session to reach zero emission. Mr. Fu Tianlong, Chairman of Chunlun Group, donated the carbon emission index for this session of CSTPF, and Mr. Jian Canliang, Assistant Chairman of Fujian Tendering and Purchasing Group Co., Ltd., accepted the donation on behalf of the Organizing Committee of CSTPF.

At the opening ceremony the inauguration ceremony of College of Carbon Neutrality Future Technology and College of Carbon Neutrality Modern Industry was held, where the leaders and distinguished guests present unveiled the plaques of the two colleges. Fujian Association of Carbon Neutrality held the first general meeting of its members and elected the members of the Council, the members of the Supervisory Board, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Secretary General and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Jiao Nianzhi was elected chairman and spoke on behalf of the first council.

At the 2022 Fujian Summit Forum on Carbon Emission Peaking and Carbon Neutrality, five experts were invited to give theme presentations: Jiao Nianzhi gave a report, entitled “Implementing Carbon Neutrality Strategy and International Large Scientific Program for Marine Negative Emission”; Chen Jingming gave a report, entitled “Progress of Research on Forest Carbon Sink in China”; Dai Minhan, member of CAS and professor of Xiamen University, gave a report, entitled “Marine Carbon Sink and its Synergy with Blue Economy”; Yu Junchong, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Nuclear Power Institute of China, gave a report, entitled “Nuclear Energy is Indispensable for Achieving Carbon Emission Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals”; and Wang Dacheng, Senior Engineer of Aerospace Information Research Institute of CAS, gave a report, entitled “Dual Carbon Monitoring Based on the Integration of Sky and Land by Satellite Technology”.



(Translated by Wang Cheng/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan


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