FNU Hosted the 7th International Conference on Cryptography and Cloud Computing Security


The 7th international conference on cryptography and cloud computing security was held in Fuzhou from June 21st to 24th. It was co-hosted by FNU, Guangzhou University, the Committee of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, the Privacy Protection Committee of China Confidentiality Association, undertook by College of Mathematics and Informatics of FNU, Fujian Provincial Key Lab of Network Security & Cryptology and the Network and Information Securit Committee of Fujian Computer Society, and funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. On the theme of Security Technology in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Protection Technology in Social Networks, the conference discussed artificial intelligence and hot research topics in social networks. Nearly 150 experts and scholars from more than 40 universities and research institutions in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Norway, Singapore, and Australia attended the meeting. At the opening ceremony, president Wang Changping, Mr. Wang Jie, chairman of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research and professor of Peking University, and Mr. Tang Chunming, professor of Guangzhou University delivered speeches respectively, and 19 experts and scholars made special reports.

 (Translated by Wen Shuxian / Reviewed by Chen Fang)



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