6 Students of FNU Presented Fujian to the World in Lanting of Ministry of Foreign Affairs


On July 5th, MFA Presenting Fujian Province, under the theme of China in the New Era: Eco-friendly Fujian, Gateway for the Maritime Silk Road was successfully held in Lanting of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 6 student volunteers of FNU were selected as guides responsible for introducing Fujian to guests around the subjects of Endeavour Story of Fujian, Green Development, Prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road, Integrated Development of Fujian and Taiwan, and Exhibits of Intangible Cultural Heritage, etc.

During the presenting, with excellent basic skills, as well as the understanding of Fujian Province, students of FNU helped foreign guests to better understand Fujian with which they were not familiar by giving vivid explanations and accurate answers. They succeeded in telling fantastic stories of Fujian to the world. Through actions, these students vividly interpreted volunteering spirits featuring “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” and showed the good spiritual outlook of our students.

It is reported that 9 students from universities in Fuzhou were selected as foreign affairs interpreters, of whom 6 are from FNU. They are: Yan Zhenni (a graduate of College of Foreign Languages), Wu Yuqing (an undergraduate of College of Foreign Languages), Chang Dingfan (an undergraduate of College of Foreign Languages), Yin Shaozhen (an undergraduate of College of Foreign Languages), Sun Xiaoyu (an undergraduate of College of Foreign Languages) and You Xingyu (an undergraduate of College of Materials Science and Engineering). 

 (Translated by Zheng Lizhen and reviewed by Chen Fang)



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