Vice-President Zheng Jiajian Led a Delegation to Pittsburg State University


Zheng Jiajian, vice-president of FNU, led a delegation to visit Pittsburg State University (PSU) in America from September 15 to 19. Both sides had friendly talks on issues including the implement of cooperative projects for the preschool education major and an in-depth expansion of communication and cooperation between PSU and FNU.

The delegation received a warm welcome from Mr. Scott, president of PSU and had meetings with top management teams, directors of Graduate and Continuing Studies, School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences and the Office of International Programs and Services of PSU. Both sides agreed PSU and FNU had the similar foundations of university, the comparable history and the mutual willingness of cooperation. They believed that the implement of cooperative projects would be accelerated, the collaboration space would be expanded, and the level would be upgraded through joint efforts. At these meetings, they exchanged views and reached the consensus on the allocation of faculty resources, courses design and credit recognition.

The delegation also communicated with professors of PSU and the representatives of Chinese overseas students and took earnestly their suggestions and opinions. In addition, the delegation visited the campus, education base, training center and entertainment venues.

PSU, a famous comprehensive public university, is located in the Pittsburg university town of the southeast of Kansas. It is the center of education and culture in the middle region of America. The university was founded in 1903 and has more than 6700 students from over 50 countries now.

(Translated by Hao Dongmei  Reviewed by Chen Fang



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