Fuzhou’s Yantai Mountain: A Cultural Story Selected for the Recommended Book List of “Rejoicing in Reading Online for a Shared Future to Celebrate the Convening of the 20th CPC National Congress”


On April 23, on the occasion of the 27th “World Book and Copyright Day”, the Civic Enhancement Office of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee and Fuzhou Learning Platform of xuexi qiangguo (learn more to make our country stronger), jointly sponsored a sharing meeting on the theme of “Rejoicing in Reading Online for a Shared Future” and released the recommended book list (20 books in total) to warmly welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress. Fuzhou’s Yantai Mountain: A Cultural Story, compiled by the students and faculty of the College of Foreign Languages of FNU, was selected.

Fuzhou’s Yantai Mountain: A Cultural Story introduces six cultural themes of Yantai Mountain in both Chinese and English: geography and street landscape, historical development and cultural celebrities, cultural exchanges and past foreign affairs, previous commerce and trade events and little-known relics, architectural charm and old sites of famous houses, humanistic customs and historical and literary treasures. It aims to tell the story of Fuzhou’s development based on the study of history and culture in an effective way. Each section is illustrated with 16 self-produced videos in English, which readers can watch through a QR code. The book enhances the image of Fuzhou as an international city and presents a real, all-dimensional and comprehensive China to the world.

(Translated by Chen Yonghui/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)



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